12 recaptures and still going strong!

The SSTP database currently has thousands of sharks, skates and rays on it, every one of them important and vital but the data recently brought our attention to a particularly special skate!

Male skate2Male skate 2482, originally tagged in November 2009 in the Sound of Jura has been recaptured and released a whopping 12 times since then!

Originally weighing in at a healthy 114lb,  it has put on an extra 7lbs in the intervening years. The longest time between recaptures was 525 days (nearly 1.5 years) and every single one of the recaptures was within the Sound of Jura, a perfect illustration of the common skates tendency for site fidelity.

Four difference anglers have caught this male, all of whom have been informed, and who knows…perhaps you’ll be next to recapture this special skate!

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