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Please feel free to download this Newsletter (just click on the image) which provides an overview of some of the things we have been up to over the past few months and covers in a bit more detail Sharkatag 2010 and our Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP).

Thanks to the incredible team behind Sharkatag and all those who took part in them, Sharkatag was a huge success; the increase in the numbers of novices and juniors was a special feature this year.

Once again the event showed that sea anglers can enjoy themselves, take a real interest in conservation and make significant economic contributions to coastal economies, all at one and the same time.

On page 6 you’ll also find an article by Terry Morris which we believe encapsulates many of the values and objectives of SSACN.

The SSTP has really begun to gather place now, and with the introduction of "Tagger of the Month" and "Top Tagger" awards, we are now able to give recognition to those anglers who go ‘above and beyond’.

As always we’d like to thank all our Members and Volunteers for their continued support and encouragement.

Remember you can keep up to date via www.ssacn.org, www.tagsharks.com and now via Facebook.

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