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2011 Series Updated


Before 1960 sea angling was a comparatively unknown branch of angling in Scotland, by 1970 there seemed no limit to how far it could be developed, but by 1990 it began to decline rapidly.

Within two decades, the fish stocks in what was once one of Europe’s premier sea angling destinations had been decimated – excessive commercial exploitation, lost as bycatch and discard, habitat destruction, breakdown of the food chain, destruction of breeding and nursery areas, stock mismanagement, political ‘horse’ trading were some of the key factors

Is it all too late ? Can nothing be done ? Should nothing be done ?

We have asked a number of people across a broad range of interests to select any aspect of the state of Scotland’s marine environment, fish stocks, sea angling or conservation and give us their views; hopefully these will provide some (new) insights, provoke some alternative thinking or just simply show how sea angling has a part to play in delivering a greener, fairer, wealthier, healthier and inclusive Scotland.

Our aim is to publish one article per working day throughout January from now on – the papers so far are :

The rise and fall of Scottish sea angling –  A SSACN paper

Travels with my rod –  Phill Williams of  ‘Fishing Films and Facts’

Seaweed for fuel and fish – Averil Wilson & Michele Stanley of SAMS

It’s time for a sea change in politics – Gordon Mack  – Publisher of Between The Lines

Challenges and musings – Dr Lauren Smith  – www.sharkiologist.com

The state of Scotland’s marine environment  – John Scott MSP (Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs & the Environment)

Why we need a healthy seabed  -  Dr Sally Campbell  -  Vice Chair of COAST

Marine TourismStuart McMillan MSP – Convenor of the Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism Cross Party Group (CPG)

Hook,line and thinker  -  David Adams McGilp  -  VisitScotland’s Regional Director for Argyll & Bute and Dunbartonshire.

I like fish  -  Jack Morrison  -  member of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (ScotSAC) 

Regional planning – a challenge  -  Elaine Murray MSP  -  Labour Party’s Environment Spokesperson

Small boat living aka  ‘smaa boat livvin’  -  Gordon Morrison  (on Facebook)  -  Poet in the Doric language

Irish Alternatives  -  Johnny Woodlock –  Irish Seal Sanctuary

Scottish Seas: What has changed  -  Ruth Thurstan

Plastic Peril  -  Tiina McVarish

Want to be a charter skipper ?  -  Ian Burrett  -  Onyer Marks charters

Making its mark  -  Richard Lochhead MSP  (Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment )

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