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BBC in Loch Etive

The BBC approached the SSTP as they were interested in the conservation work that we are doing involving sea anglers and Spurdog, they joined the SSTP aboard Ronnie Campbells boat Laura Dawn to try and tag some Spurdog in Loch Etive. The presenter Frank Pope, who also writes for the Times on marine issues, showed lots of interest towards the programme and was keen to get involved in the angling, and was very happy when he brought in his first Spurdog!

 They were joined by Stuart Cresswell, Scott Gibson and Willie Kennedy who definitely helped us bring many Spurdog aboard; unfortunately, all the fish were too small to be tagged! We did get some thornbacks large enough to tag however and the BBC got the footage they wanted. Hopefully this will help contribute towards what should be a very interesting set of four documentaries focusing on the marine life around the UK.

 The mornings weather was certainly not helping matters with strong winds soon creating a decent swell as well as pushing driving rain up the loch, this did not deter the film crew though as some of them had been involve in filming ‘Trawlermen’ so they were more than happy with anything Loch Etive could throw at them. Luckily though, the weather calmed down towards the afternoon and enabled the crew to get some good interview shots with the SSTP project officer and the anglers.

 The programme is hoped to be released early in the New Year, the great thing about this is that the interest seems to lie with the angler contribution, not just the animal. Angler based research programmes are unique amongst science as it taps into the wealth of knowledge that anglers gain through their angling efforts and this point is never highlighted enough, hopefully this show will help towards getting this message across.

 We’ll keep you posted on when the programme is due for release! More photos can be seen on the SSTPs facebook page.

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