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Bycatch threats to porbeagle and spurdog ?

SSACN are currently looking at ways as to how the relationship with our Scottish science partners can be leveraged to support a CEFAS project to assess the survivability of porbeagle (Lamna nasus) and spurdog (Squalus acanthias) when caught as by-catch.

Key aims of the project are to identify the times of year or particular localities where porbeagle and spurdog may be most vulnerable to capture as by-catch in commercial fisheries. To also gather data on movement patterns of these two species to help build up data on the identification of important areas of aggregation for key life stages.

This understanding can then be combined with assessments of the survivorship of porbeagle and spurdog after being discarded to develop a qualitative assessment of the vulnerability of stocks to fisheries.

Further details of the project may be found here.

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