Call for photos to aid research

Claire Pickett is a student at the University of Glasgow who is conducting her masters thesis on the use of photo ID for Scottish sharks, skates and rays.

She wants to find out whether individual fish can be recognised from their unique spot patterns. If she is successful the project will greatly aid the management of these fish species by improving estimates of their abundance and range of movement.

To get started she needs as many photos of spurdog and common skate as possible. If you have any photos of either species, please could you send them to her at

Every photo will be given a unique identification number and these will be entered in to a raffle. There will be £100 of vouchers for the Glasgow Angling Centre for the winning spurdog photo and a further £100 of vouchers for the winning common skate photo. The more photos you enter the more chance you have of winning!

Thank you on Claire’s behalf.

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