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Commonplace but unusual

Strange happenings down the Mull of Galloway.

Trevor's  204Trevor Armitage, a consultant from South Shields hospital, caught a 170lb common skate yesterday aboard a local charter boat.

Nothing particularly unusual about that, you might think;  the fact that it was caught on a Penn 6-12 lb class boat rod in a 4 knot tide may raise a few eyebrows, but what makes it truly remarkable is the fact that the fish was caught just off the Mull of Galloway.

The last time anyone can remember a previous capture in the region was in 1988 aboard a commercial longliner from Port Patrick.!

Image is Trevor with A 204 lber caught earlier this year fishing in the Sound of Jura

According to Trevor

“Having fished for skate for over ten years from near Oban I knew straight away it was skate. We had to go on the drift as I couldn’t bully it with such a light rod. It took 2 hours to get the fish to the side of the boat. The skipper held the trace and turned to get the gaff but the 6/0 tope hook straightened. My son John desperately tried to hang onto to it’s cheek so we could get a photo, but sadly the fish disappeared out of sight.”

To follow this up Charter Skipper Matthew Burrett caught a tope which had been tagged previously; again not an unusual occurrence but on checking with the SSTP he found the fish had originally  been tagged the day before on a mark 8 miles away by his father, Ian Burrett, also a charter skipper.

“What are the odds of that happening”, said Matthew. “My father has tagged hundreds of tope and I have never caught one of them before, so to go and catch one of his fish just the day after its original tagging is amazing.”

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