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Easter at Loch Sunart

There is a Loch Sunart pattern beginning to emerge. It started at last year’s SSACN Tagathon event in November.

a quick cuddle It goes something like this;

a) Day One – Fishing quite good
b) Day Two – Fishing average, but the biggest fish of the trip appears
c) Day Three – Mince! Should have gone home at the end of b) above!

This also coincided with tides dropping quite dramatically over the three days too. Friday 0.6m to 4.4m, Sun 1.3m to 2.9m.

I trailed the boat up in the company of PeterTheFisherman on Friday morning on a beautiful sunny journey through Glencoe (-5degC), across the Corran Ferry (Red tickets no longer valid – this year they are orange) and along the North side of Sunart to launch at Salen. We were booked into the excellent angler friendly Salen Hotel where owner Jonathan is offering three nights for the price of two and some excellent food.

I have managed to stumble across a mark near Salen that has produced a few fish for me in the past, and it didn’t dissapoint this time either. Almost straight away on the Friday morning I managed a nice clean female spurdog of 9lb exactly that was tagged before being released to swim away. On our last trip here, it was manky pink squid that worked well – but this fish took one of the mackeral baits on the 8/0 circle hook. The squid on this trip was quite fresh and a healthy white colour.

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