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Etive / Sunart recaptures

The Scottish Shark Tagging Programme has focussed attention on Lochs Sunart and Etive because anecdotal evidence suggest there is a unique residential population in and around the Lochs. The government needs factual evidence before it can protect the area.

The following are the most recent recaptures in the Etive / Sunart areas.


  • Scott Gibson –
    • UKSTP Tag no. 27987 – Tagged by Scot in Etive November 2008
    • Recaptured May 2009 in Etive – Details to follow from UKSTP
  • Alan Cargill- Mike Mcenamin
    • UKSTP Tag no. 27926 Tagged by Alan Cargill on 5.07.08 at Windsock, Lock Etive. Weight 11 pounds. Length 36 inches Girth 12 inches.
    • Recaptured by Mike McMenamin at the Windsock Lock Etive 5.09.09 Weight 9lb 11oz Both from the shore. This may be a weighing mistake or the fish may have given birth.
  • James Thorburn- Gordon Goldie
    • SSTP Tag no. 1542  tagged 14.11.09 by James Thorburn in Etive. 5.5 lb
    • Recaptured  by 4.12.09 by Gordon Goldie in Etive. 5lb 12 oz.


  • Colin Colclough – Graham Paisley
    • UKSTP Tag number 29137 Tagged 15.11.08 –  weight 11 lb
    • Recaptured by Graeme Paisley 29.11.09 in Sunart
  • Stuart Cresswell – Graham Paisley
    • SSTP Tag no, 0326 Tagged by Stuart 14.11.2009 during Tagathon in Sunart – 6.5 lb
    • Recaptured by Graham Paisley in Sunart 29.11.09

It’s only early days but these five fish have been recaptured within a mile of their original tagging sites, yet often months apart.

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