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EU to prolong deep-water shark fishing ban

Expl0447_-_Flickr_-_NOAA_Photo_LibraryEU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki said Thursday that a total ban on fishing endangered deep-water shark species would be maintained for another two years.

After talks with fisheries ministers, Commissioner Damanaki stated "I would like to underline that on [these] sharks we keep the zero-fishing proposal,"

Catch allowances have been at zero for the last year for species that take 30 years to mature and only produce one of two offspring per year, hence the call to "keep zero total allowable catches (TAC) for the next two years,"

Many deep-sea sharks are prized for their oils, which are widely used in cosmetics. However, in recent years there has been growing concern about deep-water sharks and related fisheries: many deep-water species – such as gulper sharks and sixgill sharks – grow extremely slowly and produce low numbers of pups making them particularly vulnerable to overexploitation.


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