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EU protects endangered sharks

SSACN are delighted to announce today that the EU Council of Fisheries Ministers’ has voted to stop all commercial fishing for porbeagle sharks and reduce fishing quotas for spurdog, by 90% in line with scientific advice and proposals from  the European Commission.

These dramatic reductions have come as a result of the Eu shark management plan which pledged to follow scientific advice and adopt the precautionary approach. Ending fisheries for critically endangered porbeagle and spurdog will allow European populations to recover.

Most sharks and rays can be easily overfished because they grow slowly, mature late and produce few young. Porbeagle and spurdog sharks are included on the IUCN Red List as Critically Endangered in the Northeast Atlantic.

SSACN also learned today that the FAO and the EU are recommending that sufficient evidence exists to warrant placing the Porbeagle (Lamna nasus), on CITES Appendix II: They will be considered for listing at the 15th Conference of CITES parties (Doha, Qatar, 13-25 March 2010). Spurdog failed to meet the criteria.

The CITES Convention was established to protect wild species whose status is being directly affected by international trade. It is not designed to protect species that are endangered for other reasons. Once a species is listed by CITES, its international trade is subject to varying degrees of control depending on its status, ranging from controlled trading (if listed on CITES Appendix II) to outright bans (Appendix I).

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