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Feeding the Fear: Sharks of New England Documentary

Episode #11: Feeding the Fear

Amateur documentary maker Scott Tucker has produced his 101st video in his Expedition New England series. Entitled “Feeding the Fear: Sharks of New England” the documentary is about a shark tournament run by the Star Island Yacht Club in Montauk, New York.

The film maker shows some of the sharks being landed, including mako and thresher sharks that are under minimum allowable weights. Scott also inter-weaves fascinating narrative by University of Hartford’s Dr. Joanna Borucinska who studies diseases in sharks and her confirmation that they do in fact get cancer. Finally, Scott examines why we are obsessed with fishing by introducing his own son Race into the picture and proposes a theory on human evolution.


You can watch the 27 minute documentary on YouTube here.


Scott Tuckers Website is: www.eepinc.org.


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