First there was YoYo

skate comp

YoYo is a female common skate who held the record for the common skate being caught and released – 8 times.

Now we need a name for a new record holder – a male common skate currently known as tag 2412 – he was last recaptured at the recent Skate Tagathon and has now made the trip 9 times over an 18 month period !!

To celebrate this we have decided on a little competition to be open to anyone under the age of 14 –  just think up a suitable name for 2412 and draw a suitable cartoon to tell us why you picked it.

The closing date for the competition is the 6th June 2011.

The prize will be a free day out on one of OnYer Marks charter boats based in SW Scotland for the winner and one responsible adult.

You can send your entry by email to or by ordinary mail to our Secretary whose address can be found here.

2412 was initially tagged 29/10/2009 he was recaptured on 05/02/2010,  21/02/2010, 04/04/2010, 31/10/2010, 08/04/2011, 09/04/2011, 16/04/2011 and finally the 18/04/2011.

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