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Fishermen reel in “largest shark ever caught in UK waters”

Anglers Wayne Comben and Graeme Pullen were fishing for and tagging small tope and bull huss when they captured what is thought to be the largest shark ever caught in British waters.

Porgie (C)For an hour and a half, the pair fought to reel in the massive Porbeagle shark, thought to be the largest ever caught in British waters. Experts believe the predator weighed about 550lbs (more than 39 stone), easily beating the 507lbs record for the previous biggest shark caught off the north Scottish coast in 1993.

After measuring its length and width at 10ft and 2ft, they were able to calculate its weight at around 550lbs (more than 39 stone).

Mr Pullen tagged the shark before removing the hook from its mouth and releasing it back into the sea off Boscastle, North Cornwall.

The veteran fisherman said:  “I have never seen anything like it in 40 years of sea fishing. The whole thing was like something from Jaws.”

Dr Phil Williams, an independent expert of marine species, has studied the footage and photographs of the catch. He said: “The current British record for a shark is 507lbs and this has got that beaten hands down.

“Looking at the footage, the shark is immense. It is huge and colossal, I haven’t seen anything like it. Its shoulders and head are just massive.

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