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Getting ready to go

Would they let me on the plane like this...1


Will I get this lot on the plane ?

Pack, pack, pack, weigh… re-shuffle, re-shuffle, weigh… pay for extra baggage online!

One week left to go and my bags are already packed and waiting! When I have been on trips in the past I have always taken my old faithful Karrimor rucksack (65L), however this is the first time I have taken all of my own dive gear (having always rented equipment) and once you have rammed in your BCD its near impossible to access other things within the rucksack without tipping it all back out again!

So sadly the rucksack which has been all over the world, with all the badly sewn on country flag badges to prove it, was pushed to the back of the closet and I went in search of a more accessible bag.

I investigated various bags designed specifically for dive gear but some of these are so huge (160L!) I could fit in them alongside all my gear! In the end I headed down to Union Square shopping centre in Aberdeen, where there is a large Cotswold Outdoor shop and took a look at the North Face duffel bag range, this style was exactly what I was after but the price tag was a little beyond my budget, fortunately they also stocked the Mountain Equipment wet and dry kit bags (70L) and had them on sale, perfect!

After a good deal of packing, weighing, re-shuffling, weighing and swearing I ended up paying online for an extra 5 kg of luggage, with it being literally impossible to get my hold bag less than 16kg, for my main flights with KLM (Aberdeen to Amsterdam to Manila) this would have been fine as I have a 20kg weight restriction, but for the domestic flights within the islands (Manila to Legaspi to Cebu) it is 15kg. In the end I just succumbed and paid online…

Anyway so now I have 3 days left at work, and then it’s just a waiting game, if everything goes to plan I should be freediving with Whale sharks within 48 hours of landing in the Philippines, the EcoTour company which I am visiting is based in Donsol, where a 15 inch long whale shark had been found tied up in shallow water in March last year, fuelling suggestions of a nearby breeding ground. The potential for research with Whale sharks in this area is great and I cannot wait to find out more about it!

Stay tuned…

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