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Happy to help with the programme

Last weekend, the SSTP joined a number of anglers around the Sound of Jura in one the SSACN organised events. The aim of the weekend was to tag and release as many Common Skate as possible to try and help increase our knowledge on the species movements and life history. Unfortunately, the skate were not really feeding over the weekend and the numbers caught were low compared to last year, one skate in particular however did cause some excitement.


A large 210lb female (left) was caught in the mornings session and, within 4 hours, was re-caught by another boat (Gordon Goldies ‘Tickety Boo II’) about 500m away!

This was of great interest as it showed that the female skate had recovered from her initial capture and tagging and was back on the feed again 4 hours later.

This is not the only example of recaptures within the same day for the species but is probably one of the better publicised ones with newspapers and local media taking a great interest in the story!

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