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Islay Tope Festival 2010

Islay hosts an annual tope fishing event dubbed the “Islay Tope Fishing Festival”. This is an open event for any anglers interested in taking part, please note though that boat space must be sorted out prior to the event, visitors are welcome to bring their own boat too! This event has been a big success in the previous years it has been held,  and, although a relatively new event, does attract a large amount of interest.

This year the festival is over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of August and the SSTP will be heading over to join Gus Newman of ‘Stormcats’ the event organiser to have a go at tagging some Islay Tope! If anyone is interested in this event, please get in touch with Gus at 01496 300129 or email For more info visit

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