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James features in SNH magazine

In the autumn edition of SNH’s magazine ‘The Nature of Scotland’ there is a very good article featuring our own James Thorburn and the work of the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme.

In the following extract, the article really highlights the contributions that sea anglers make, both to the programme itself and to the Scottish economy :

The SSTP project (see relies on an army of recreational anglers – fishing from the shore, kayaks or boats – who volunteer to catch, tag and release the various shark, skate and ray species. They do this either as part of their normal fishing trips or during major tagging events, such as SSACN’s ‘Sharkatag’ weekend (see held in June, which attracted over 200 volunteer
sport fishermen.

Recreational sea angling is a major provider of jobs throughout Scottish coastal communities. It supports many tourism and service industries – from hotels and campsites to tackle manufacturing and shop staff – as well as direct activities such as bait suppliers and charter boat skippers.

Many of these jobs are often in communities with fragile economies, where there’s little scope for other employment or economic activity. Indeed, sea angling in Scotland supports around 4,000 jobs and
contributes over £150 million to the Scottish economy annually, with the shark fishing sector alone accounting for around £40 million.

You can download the magazine here in pdf format.

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