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Lauren on Location

Lauren Smith, who has made a significant contribution to the SSTP has taken a 3 month sabbatical from her current research position and will shortly be heading off to the Philippines to undertake as many shark based activities as possible.

Lauren will be posting regular updates to SSACN once she’s away – you will be able to keep up to date via the SSTP Facebook page here and of course via this website.

The primary reason for Lauren choosing the Philippines is because it is home to a well established shark research laboratory, with an excellent reputation the – Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project (TSRCP), based on Malapascua Island, off the North East tip of Cebu, where she will be working for 2 months.

The TSRCP’s mission statement is as follows: “To promote and disseminate shark research, education and conservation to a broad local, regional and international public and scientific outreach”.

During her stay Lauren will also be going to visit the whale sharks that descend on the waters of Donsol, located at the Southern tip of Luzon Island for December to May each year. Here she will be getting in the water and meeting with employees of Donsol EcoTour to find out more about the whale sharks, with a view to developing future research possibilities.

In the first week of June she will also be flying to the Republic of Palau, 500 miles east of the Philippines for a 2-week stay. Palau is made up of over 300 volcanic and coral islands, it attracted a lot of media attention in September of last year when it effectively created the worlds first ‘shark sanctuary’ after banning all commercial shark fishing in it’s waters.

But it won’t all be work as Lauren will be taking every opportunity to go SCUBA diving and freediving so as to observe yet more shark’s in their natural environment.

No doubt she’ll have a great time and look out for the updates.

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