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Loch Etive small boat launch guide.

For boat anglers, there is only really one launch site at Loch Etive and that is to the right of Kelly’s Pier, Taynuilt (GPS N56deg 26’ 22.24” W005deg 13’ 54.03”).

Access is obtained from Taynuilt village via the B845 road that runs down to the loch via the old Iron Foundry. Excellent views can be seen from Google Earth.

Launch and recovery from the stony beach is available at all states of the tide, but a 4WD vehicle is essential at most times. There is very little tidal movement in the loch compared to the open sea, but launching or recovering an hour either side of low water will require a drive down the beach of maybe 70 or 80 yards, and then maybe a further 30 yards into a foot of water before it drops off very steeply straight down to 180ft.

The beach is largely clear, but a few boulders do exist, as does a cable that runs parallel with the stone pier about 20yds out for the full length. The main hazard is a pile of rocks near the end of the pier which used to have a metal pole sticking out from them, but this has now gone. It’s clearly visible over the bottom half of the tide.

If a newcomer to the area, launch and recover right next to the stone jetty and keep this line until you are clear of the moored boats.

Parking is ok, drive right up the beach until you can go no further, but be considerate of others please as there may be quite a few other anglers using the facility too !


Etive launch

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