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MASTS community project on Elasmobranchs

Funding has been secured for a MASTS community project on Elasmobranchs to be known as SIORC (Gaelic for shark) which will be officially launched at SSACN’s Celebrating Scotland’s Sharks event. 

The objective of the project is to collate existing sources of elasmobranch data to provide the strongest scientific evidence base for stakeholders to (1) apply policy-making and (2) prioritise a research conservation agenda for elasmobranchs in Scotland’s coastal zone and deep seas.

There are currently many different sources of elasmobranch knowledge and data within Scotland and it will require a group effort to gather these together.

During this two day event at the Sea Life Aquarium, Loch Lomond on Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th May 2014, SIORC will be hosting a group meeting on the Saturday with a series of talks in the morning and an afternoon of workshops dedicated to addressing the main aim of SIORC.

Other than the SIORC meetings, the weekend promises to be a great event with lots of activities for the whole family on both days. For full details and to register, please follow this link where you can also purchase discounted tickets for family members to enter the aquarium. 

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