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Measure it !

Caught a good fish ? – Want to know what it weighs ?

Forget the spring balance – just measure its total length !

no-weigh-150x150Weighing a fish by measuring its length means you can get it back in the water quickly !!

You’ll find a ‘calculator ‘ for some of the key whitefish here and for several shark species here. Both tables will be added to as more data is gathered.

The calculators  are based on 1000’s of observations made by a variety of scientific bodies over the past three decades or so, however, if anyone has any historic accurate records of weight / length for any species, they could be very useful in refining the models – please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Though there is no doubt that fish can have different weights for the same length dependent on several factors – whether they are gravid, post spawning, sick or healthy, have good access to food-stocks etc., weight estimation based on a fish’s length offers a credible alternative to the spring balances typically in use by anglers as any in-accuracies will be the same for everyone.

With the increased vulnerability of many of the species we are interested in catching, unless keeping a fish for the table, it makes sense to do everything in our power to return it with the minimum of handling and as fast as possible.

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