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New App Lets Users Track Tagged Great Whites

800px-White_sharkA U.S conservation organisation has released an app that allows iPhone and iPad users to track the movement of several Great White Sharks fitted with satellite tags.

This novel idea came from marine biologist Michael Domeier, the president of the Marine Conservation Science Institute, who has studied these iconic sharks for many years.

The aim of this project is to raise public awareness and to fund conservation projects for the species which is currently listed as “vulnerable”.

It is hoped that the money generated can be used to expand current research programmes to include more sophisticated tags that will be fitted with cameras and to target juvenile sharks (which are the most vulnerable to anthropogenic pressures).

Talking about the future of tagging research, Domeier stated “This may sound like science fiction, but a lot of the things we’re doing now would have sounded like science fiction 30 years ago.”

More information on this story can be found here.


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