Orkney Skate Trust

The rich, diverse marine environment around Orkney – made up of some 70 islands – is one of the last remaining strongholds for Flapper Skate (Dipturus intermedia) in British waters.

The Orkney Skate Trust (OST) – a voluntary group focused on researching and conserving the Orkney Flapper Skate population has been established to help conserve the local skate population.

The OST’s key objective is, through various research projects, to discover more about local Flapper Skate biology and ecology, as well as their spatial and temporal distribution and population dynamics.

The aims of the research include the implementation of local conservation measures to specifically protect Flapper Skate, their nursery grounds and eggcases, while at the same time contributing scientific data to other conservation NGOs and government agencies. The OST plans to investigate and implement less invasive research methodology in the future, including the use of baited camera and ROV equipment – technology commonly used in deep-sea biological assessments.

For further information on the Orkney Skate Trust projects please visit their home page.

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