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Orkney Wave Farm Consultation

Brough Head Wave Farm Ltd (BHWFL) has an “Agreement for Lease” from the Crown Estate for an area of seabed off the west and north coasts of Mainland Orkney ranging from Costa Head in the North to Neban Point in the south-west . This allows site investigations and environmental impact assessments to be carried out for a wave energy development of up to 200MW, using Aquamarine Power’s Oyster wave energy technology.

An Environmental Scoping Report has been submitted to Marine Scotland, which has subsequently been distributed it to its consultees. A copy of this scoping report can be downloaded from the Aquamarine Power website here.

Comments should be sent to with the subject heading “Brough Head Scoping Report”. Respondents are encouraged to direct others who may be interested in the consultation to the scoping document. Responses must be received by 10th October 2011.

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