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Park Primary School

imageThe first educational visit for phase 2 of the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP) took place at Park Primary in Oban on Tuesday 13th September 2011.

Project Coordinator, Julie Hope went along with work experience student, Connie Alford for the afternoon to talk to the 11 boys and 11 girls of P5 about sharks, specifically highlighting Scottish sharks as well as the SSTP itself.

Various species of eggcases (kindly supplied by the Shark Trust) were also discussed to help the kids recognise any eggcases they might find on their planned beach clean.

imageThe start of the week  had seen the coastline of Oban, along with the rest of the West coast, hit with the tail end of hurricane Katia, bringing piles and piles of seaweed and debris washed ashore. By the time the beach clean came, the beaches were awash with everything from nets, bottles, tyres and even wheelie bins!

Julie and Connie worked with a small group of students within the class during the beach clean along the waterfront from the Cathedral to the War Memorial – an area of the beach  which has been adopted by the school and regular cleans are  organised by Head Teacher Irene Bissett, and supported by the GRAB Trust.

imageIt was a beautiful day and although we collected some weird and wonderful objects; from doorbells and silver serving trays to fuel canisters and rope the children identified various common marine creatures – anemones, gastropods, crabs etc and were rather excited by finding a live lobster sunning itself on the shore.

Perhaps due to the sheer amount of seaweed and debris no eggcases were found during the clean, but the children now know exactly what they are looking for the next time!

After the visit the project coordinator held a meeting with the Oban Sealife Centre and initiated a scheme where an eggcase tank will be set up in Park Primary school and the children will look after the tank and eggcases until they hatch, when they will be returned to the Sealife Centre.

The Sealife Centre are looking to build on last years support for the SSTP; volunteering to participate in the Spurdog Tagathon in November and support our Educational visits through touch pools and display tanks, as well as the eggcase tanks scheme.

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