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Resident spurdog in Lochs Etive and Sunart?

GGMany of you will remember that the SSTP was formed initially to provide data to explore the possibility of a resident population of spurdog in Lochs Sunart and Etive. Anecdotal evidence had suggested that large females could be caught all the year round which is very unusual for what was considered a highly migratory species.

Our first project officer, James Thorburn, (soon to conclude his PhD) used our data and added to it by using more sophisticated Data Storage Tags and acoustic listening devices. We are pleased to say that this work has now been peer reviewed and published in Marine Ecology Progress Series scientific journal.

The use of our data by a number of different scientific projects really demonstrates the importance of the SSTP data collected by our volunteer anglers.

Well done to all those that have tagged and recaptured spurdog in Sunart and Etive, it has really made a difference.

James’s paper can be seen at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_Thorburn3

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