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Rigging up for spurdog

Of all the species of shark regularly encountered around the UK, the Spurdog (Squalas Acanthias) is one of the easiest to identify, namely due to the large spines which protrude in front of both dorsal fins

Spurdog are generally slate gray or dark brown on their back which fades to a white belly; they also have distinctive green eyes and scissor like teeth.

Whilst Spurdog may look big and tough creatures they are actually quite delicate especially when out of the water. Losing a fish because of an inappropriate trace increases the likelihood of fish mortality due to trailing line.

To help minimize that possibility, Les McBride has put together a step by step process for creating a suitable rig for spurdog.

basics The basic components :

4 feet of 150lb nylon

1 heavy duty tube boom

2 165lb swivels

3 small beads

1 twisted wire boom



Hook length components :

2 fine wire 8/0 circle hooks

2 150lb swivels

6 surecatch 12mm luminous beads

4 crimps





Thread the line through the boom, slide on a small bead and crimp the swivel to the end and do the same at the top of the trace.


stop knotAttaching the boom :boom attached

Approx 18 inches up the rig body tie a 3 turn stop knot in the rig body, slide on a small bead followed by the twisted wire boom followed by another small bead then tie another 3 turn stop knot as close as possible the the boom.

Finally add the other swivel to the top of the rig to finish the rig body.

Body Complete

body complete

Making up the snoods

beads finished

Thread the 150lb line through the crimp, the beads, through the hook and back through the beads and crimp again, pull down tight against the eye of the hook and crimp tightly, the beads provide an extra protection against the spurdogs teeth, then add the top swivel to the snood.

both snoods



Make one snood short at about 6″ for the boom and the other about 14-16″ to run off the boom





To attach the snoods to the trace body use breakaway fastlinks, which are very strong.

You could use splitrings or mustad oval links as well.



The completed trace

trace complete

If you have any feedback on this article, or any questions for Les – please use the following contact form, thanks.

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