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Sharkatag 2010 day 2

Sharkatag 2010 is now well under way and an improvement in the weather has resulted in much improved catches with reasonable numbers of tope, bull huss, spurdog, smoothhound and rays being caught by the anglers around the area and everyone is having a great time.

Willie with 8lb smoothie

Paul Robertson with thornie


Willie with a smoothhound and Paul with a thornback ray taken on day 2


Media coverage was excellent for the second day running – BBC Breakfast TV once again highlighted Sharkatag and one of sea angling’s leading journalists, Phil Williams of Fishing Films and Facts was along for the day fishing with Willie and Stuart. Phil was very pleased with the outing as a good selection of huss and tope provided him with some fantastic material.

From novice anglers to the very experienced – all are having a ball – catching, tagging and releasing sharks in the name of conservation; the consensus so far – great weather, great fishing, great organisation, great craic.

Dens best tope

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