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SIFT launched

creels 150 135Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (SIFT) is a Scottish charity founded in 2011

SIFT believe that despite the importance of inshore waters, their management has been neglected. Over-fishing and the use of fishing gears which damage habitats have not only been permitted but promoted. As a consequence the inshore ecosystem has been degraded and the valuable fin-fish stocks have collapsed to the point that coastal communities no longer enjoy a mixed and vibrant economy.

SIFT promotes fisheries policies which conserve and restore the diversity of the marine ecosystem. In particular SIFT promotes ecosystem based management and reductions in effort of damaging bottom trawls and dredges within specific inshore areas. These policies will assist the return of a more lucrative, sustainable and mixed economy featuring revived fin-fisheries, recreational sea angling, traditional shell fish creeling and scallop diving as well as leisure activities which rely on a healthy sea – such as wildlife tourism and diving.

Visit for further information.

You may also be interested in a series of articles written by Ruth Thurstan on the SSACN website regarding the decline of the Clyde.

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