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Skate from the shore

Damian Greenwood and business partner Morgan Rothwell were on a fishing trip in Scotland when they caught, and returned, five large skate.

The fish were all between 130lb and 192lbs, a great achievement, especially as they were fishing from the shore.

According to Morgan: “We’ve been trying for a few years, but this year we really did our research and got the right gear.

“Each one took one or two hours to bring in. Damian was almost pulled in which was quite amusing.”

Once again, one of Scotland’s western sea lochs has shown that there is shore based access to seriously big fish that are actually going to physically test you to the limit and that they do attract anglers from all over the UK.

This is why the government needs to ensure we get the ‘best value’ from our stocks and take every step possible to ensure species and locations which will attract sea anglers, especially those which support coastal tourism, are protected from over exploitation by the commercial sector.

More details on the pair’s achievements here.

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