SSACN Life Member Dave Wright reflects on a red letter day fishing off the Mull of Galloway.

Fishing can be hard at times, especially if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction and favoured marks are unreachable, but then there are always those days which, as an angler you dream about, but very rarely achieve.

Fishing for two days late July had been booked for nearly a year, a work event meant it had to be re-arranged – arrived at the Mull on Saturday evening – greeted by wind, and Ian Burrett’s labrador.

On Sunday the wind was wrong and we had to fish inshore at sheltered marks. The fishing was in Ian’s words a "bit slow" – with Ian, a number of  good pollock up to 7lb, wrasse to 4lb (the first three fish all being over 3lb) and codling to 3lb with very few quiet spells in between, is a poor day, so we were hoping for a better day Monday.

The next morning arrived and it was a little windy for offshore, but with the forecasts all predicting dropping wind I was hopeful we could get out to a mark I had fished with Ian in 2008. We struggled a bit with the Mackerel being patchy and Ian suggested the off shore mark would likely be difficult without sufficient bait. At 10.30am, as Ian had predicted according to the tide, the Mackerel arrived and we proceeded to catch the bait.

After a small amount of discussion (begging!), Ian agreed to go for the mark offshore. He knows I don’t always travel well (green and grey colour scheme!), and the fact it would be a little lumpy likely shaded his view! We arrived at the mark around 11.15am, and one of the best 5 hour fishing sessions I have ever had then started.

Using Mackerel aimed at the tope, the action started about five minutes after the baits hit the sea bed. I ended up with four tope to 40lb, two bull huss to 17lb, and 24 spurdog to 21lb! We started by fishing 4 rods but ended up dropping to two as the sport was hectic. With a reasonable tide, spurdog to 21lb do scrap! All of the spurdog  were in the 12-21lb range, these were tagged and swam off strongly. The only bad thing about the day was that I had forgotten my camera and Ian’s battery had drained, so some of the better spurdog didn’t have their pictures taken.

Am writing this today (Tuesday) with aches and pains from the days exertions, Oh but I can’t wait for the next trip!

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