This year the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) will be holding its 3rd species hunt at  Luce Bay and Port Logan on Sunday the 14th of June. The aim of this event is to spread our FishSmart initiative to encourage anglers to measure their catch rather than weigh it and calculate weights using SSACN graphs.

Luce Bay is already well known as a species hunters dream destination offering a wide variety of species and the odd bumper fish to boot and this year we’ve added a second destination! The species hunt will run from 9am to 5pm with junior and senior prizes awarded for the most species caught and  measured as well as for a range of other categories. The competition will be based on using photographs and measuring fish.

Why Measure?

Although most European anglers generally focus on measurements UK anglers like to know the weight of their catch. However, weighing can cause unnecessary stress to the fish (and angler!). Different sets of scales may give different readings  but a centimeter is a centimeter on everybody’s measuring tape! SSACN’s weight to length graphs  can then be used to give an accurate estimate of weight.


This fun event is being run by SSACN to highlight the bio-diversity of fish in the area and promote SSACN’s FishSmart and GFAC Initiative ( Give Fish A Chance ) ….… many species of fish from Sandeels to Tope are caught regularly and catches of 15 to 20 species in a single day are common.

Not long to go to this year’s species hunt event …. Recent reports from the area show that the Mackerel, Tope and Smoothounds have all arrived so let’s hope the weather is kind and the fishing good. Those that have previously taken part know that this is a fun days fishing run by SSACN to simply get anglers out fishing whilst showing the diversity of species available in the area …. We hope to see some new faces this year.

Registration will be at Ardwell Slip car park from 0800 – 0830 hrs.
Registration fee is £5 for seniors – Juniors free.
Catch returns must be recorded at Ardwell by 1800 hrs with the prize giving at 1815 hrs.

Anglers will be given a photograph at the registration that must be pictured in the background of a digital photograph of each species caught ….. the picture must be clear – species of Wrasse and Poor Cod / Pouting must have pictures that will allow the organisers to clearly identify individual species. The organisers decision will be final.

SSACN Events Team

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