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Spurdog Tagathon 2011 newsletter

The post event newsletter is now available for download.

We would particularly like to thank all those who came along to fish the event,especially those who travelled all the way up from Northern England, as well as those who work in the background organising the Event – without their commitment and support, there would be no Tagathon.

Other than the 'Event Diary', we'd like to bring a couple of articles to your attention –  Andy Hibbert has been kind enough to provide an angler's view of the Event and David McNair has given an overview of some coaching work.


We’d also like to thank :

Dates for the forthcoming events are :

  • 2012 Skate Tagathon – 13-15 April
  • 2012 Sharkatag – 15-17 June
  • 2012 Spurdog Tagathon – 2-4 November

Though the main aim of these weekends is to tag as many sharks as possible, they are also intended to raise the public awareness of the urgent need for sharks, ray and skate protection in Scottish waters.

Go to this page for more information and to join in.

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