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SSACN Tagathon 13/14 November

tagathon To make this event a success we once again need your help. So please consider coming along with your mates, your boat and/or your beach casters to help us with this important conservation work.

The event will be based around two main participation centers on Loch Etive and Loch Sunart both of which will be manned by SSACN volunteers on a daily basis. To participate simply fill in the form at http://www.tagsharks.com/tagathon-2010

Tagathon is part of our ongoing campaign to allow the stocks of spurdog and common skate in Lochs Sunart and Etive and surrounding waters to regenerate by protecting their habitats which are thought to be important breeding and pupping grounds.

As with all SSACN tagging events, Tagathon is a fun event with an equal emphasis put on demonstrating to the local residents the real value of angling tourism to their community as inshore fish populations could be completely sustainable and of far more value when used to support locally based sport fishing centers.

By doing this it is our sincere belief that “people power” will help us win the argument for greater conservation of inshore fish stocks for the benefit off the majority.

We also hope the tagging will provide the data to determine whether the region carries unique residential populations. The SSTP has had many recaptures from both Lochs and all the fish were recaptured within a short distance of their original capture and at different times of the year. It is too early to make any assumptions but these recaptures certainly support that theory.

Spurdog Factoids ~

taggedspur Spurdogs have the longest gestation cycle of any animal – 2 years from conception to birth

Spurdogs are one of the longest lived fish in the sea. Studies from Canada indicate that they can actually live for up to 70 years.

Spurdogs used to be present in massive packs throughout European waters.

Relentless commercial fishing pressure over the last 20 years has reduced the stock to as little as 5% of their previous numbers.

Annual spurdog landings were in excess of 60,000 tons at their peak.

Following successful lobbying by SSACN and other organizations the total allowable catch (TAC) for the commercial sector has been significantly reduced over the past three years – it is now just 52 tons for whole of the UK for 2010.

The reduction of commercial landings is already making a difference. Anglers have caught spurdog this year in areas where they haven’t been seen for years.

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