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SSTP recommended tagging sizes

In the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme we are tagging and collecting data for the following species; tope, smoothhound, spurdog, bull huss, rays and common skate.

We are also recording numbers, but NOT tagging, of all other shark species caught, inc. Lesser Spotted Dogfish.

This guide may be downloaded here (pdf).

The following are the SSTP minimum tagging sizes :

  • Tope …………. Length 100cm (10.0 lb)

  • Spurdog……… Length 90cm (6.4 lb)

  • Bull Huss…… Length 100cm (7 lb)

  • Smoothhound…. Length 100cm (6.5 lb)

  • Rays……… Wingspan 50cm (5.25lb)

  • Common Skate… Wingspan 55cm (5.3lb)

If a fish is below the minimum tagging size, or you do not feel competent to tag, then please do not tag them, just record whatever details you can on the SSTP data card.





Only weigh a fish if you have a suitable weighing sling. We can estimate weights if you measure length or wingspan.

If in any doubt,

or if the health of the fish is in question

then – please release the fish immediately.

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