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SSTP update in Reading Room

sstp1210The December update on the progress of the Scottish Shark Tagging Programme (SSTP) is now available in the Reading Room.

The SSTP relies heavily on the voluntary efforts of sea anglers and we would like to say a big thank you to all those who give so freely of their time and effort.

Since our last report in July this year, the SSTP has continued to develop apace – the number of sea anglers contributing to the SSTP has grown by around 40% (to 192) and thanks to their efforts plus the hard work of the Team in adding historical data, the number of tags recorded on the database has increased by 175% (to 2390) and we now have data on 241 recaptures, an increase of over 200%.

Though it is still early days in the project some interesting patterns are beginning to emerge. As there is still some way to go with the entry of historical data we are hopeful that these will begin to firm up by the time of the next update.

When we put in place the ‘Cap Awards’ we thought that setting a GOLD level would provide a distant target to aim at, however, thanks to the tagging efforts of Dale Robertson we have now had to introduce a PLATINUM level !

But, whether you’ve yet to tag a fish or you’re hot on the heels of Dale, everyone’s contribution helps.

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