Sharkatag 2016 registration

sharkatagtransp100Sharkatag takes place around mid-summer from marks around the Solway and SW Scotland with the focus on collecting data on tope, smoothound, thornback and other shark or ray species.

Sharkatags main aim is to tag as many fish as possible from the shore and boat; to highlight the urgent need for shark and ray conservation in Scottish waters, and to raise the public awareness of sea angling.

Tagging Records: You will be asked to fill in details of all your tagged fish at the event and also record all other shark species including dogfish and those fish to small to tag. The details are in the welcome pack

Training: All new taggers will be required to complete a training course before being issued with tags. The courses will be provided at the registration site.

On the day registration:

A fee of £30 applies per registered boat.

For 2016 we have just one location for Sharkatag registration: The Sands of Luce Caravan Park.

Evening registrations will take place Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June from 19.30 to 21.00pm.

Morning registrations take place between 07.30 and 09.00am on Friday 3rd June and Saturday 4th June.


Registration cannot be completed online. To register your interest in Sharkatag 2016 please fill in the form at the bottom on this page.

Registration and payment will be made at the location and times above.

Resources ::

Codes of best practice:

Note 1. Tagging data is closely guarded and only available in any form of ‘raw’ format to ‘approved’ scientists / analysts working with the SSTP. Individual anglers are naturally able to receive or withhold their own data on request.

Note 2. Because of the nature of the event, SSACN cannot ensure the safety of all concerned, therefore all those who take part in the Sharkatag must accept that they are participating at their own risk and on a voluntary basis. Do not register for the event unless you agree and accept that condition.

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