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The spirit of Sharkatag

sharkatag 2011 300

We had a terrific time at Sharkatag. It was truly brilliant.  Not a lot of fish but great enjoyment.  As requested I have attached a few photographs from our trip to the event, hope they show the atmosphere of the event?. Yesterday with the swell it was an amazing sight to see all the guys on the slipway helping the other boats in.  This summed up Sharkatag for me. I hope you are able to use the photographs.  We enjoyed it so much that we will be registering for Sharkatag 2012 as soon as it is confirmed.

Is what it is really all about – a great bunch of people working together, enjoying the Event, the craic and the fishing !

sharkatag 2011 8300Providing the data necessary to inform all concerned that anglers can fish for these species without impacting stocks and at the same time make a significant contribution to the Scottish economy.

All in all, the recreational ‘shark’ fishery is worth around £60 million/yr to the Scottish economy, far more than was ever delivered when they were commercially exploited.

It’s those that support the SSTP, the Events and the volunteer taggers who are securing the stocks for future anglers.

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