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Thresher Shark sighting near the Isle of Man


A warden from the Calf of Man has reported sighting a thresher shark in Manx waters.

Simon Davies was monitoring sea birds when he saw the shark through his telescope off the north of the island.

There are only two confirmed records of thresher sharks being seen in Manx waters – in 1898 and in 1927.

A spokesman from the Manx Wildlife Trust said: "The shark was about 3m long and together with the distinctive tail, broad snout and long pectoral fins, identified as a thresher shark."

The sharks are described by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as "vulnerable" and decreasing in numbers. Thresher Sharks are characterised by their extremely long “thresher-like” tail which the fish use to stun prey.

More information on this story is available here.

Excellent footage of a Thresher Shark spotted off Devon by a fisherman in August this year can viewed here.

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