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Top Taggers

Most tagging schemes offer a small reward to anyone who reports the details of any initial / recapture tagging data. The SSTP has decided to award fishing caps which we hope our volunteers will be proud to wear. all caps500

In order to highlight the level of effort we will be awarding caps at three levels; providing data on 10 sharks will earn a bronze logo cap, 50 sharks will receive a silver logo hat and for those who reach the magical 100 – they will receive GOLD.

A list of all those who have achieved each level may be found here.

We also run a ‘Tagger of the Month’ programme which recognizes the individual angler who has contributed the most data the the SSTP database during a particular month; their profile is displayed on our pages in recognition. Past winners of the award are recorded in the SSTP Hall of Fame. sharkatag 2010 cap presentation

A number of caps were awarded at Sharkatag 2010 – the recipients are (Back row L-R) Gordon Stewart, Les McBride, Guy Stewart, Ian Burret and (Front row L-R) Davie Murray, Tony Voss, Graham Boardman, Gordon Goldie

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