Over the years we have put together many guides and codes of best practice to help you target new species and get the most out of your angling. On this page you will find links to all of our most popular articles which are full of handy tips.

We add new articles so remember to check back regularly; alternatively if you feel you could contribute by adding new articles on topics that we’ve not covered yet then please get in touch with us via the Contact Us facility!

Common Skate 3Common Skate

Skate ID and Fishing Guide – A basic guide to Common Skate biology, identification and a few angling tips.

Essentials for Skate Fishing – Skate can be a difficult target species, check out this article for all the basics.

Rigging up for Common Skate – A simple but effective rig for common skate.

Common Skate Handling Guide – Skate can be a difficult species to handle, follow this code of best practice to ensure your fish go back healthy.

Common Skate Weight Charts – Get an accurate weight for your fishing using length and width measurements.



Tope ID and Fishing Guide – A basic guide to Tope biology, identification and a few angling tips.

Essentials for Tope Fishing – Tope are one of the UK’s favourite sport fish, find out how to target these hard fighting fish. You can also download an Information Sheet

Tope Handling Guide – They might look tough but sharks are fragile creatures, this article discusses how to handle tope safely.


Rigging up for Spurdog – A simple rig for targeting spurdog from the boat.

Spurdog Handling Guide – They have sharp teeth, rough skin and spikes: Spurdog are not an easy fish to handle!



Avoiding Stress – The wellbeing of the fish you catch should always be priority, learn about minimizing stress in skate and rays here.

Small Shark Handling Guide

smallsharkThis code of best practice has been prepared to assist anglers catch and return small sharks in a way that best ensures they survive the process.

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