UK government ‘too slow’ on marine conservation

Sea HorseA group of MP’s who form the Environmental Audit Committee have claimed that the governments efforts to protect our marine environment through a scheme of marine conservation zones (MCZ’s) has been too slow and suggested their efforts showed a “lack of commitment” to the issue.

In 2013 the government designated  27 MCZ’s with a possible 37 more by the end of 2015. These zones are being set up with the aim of conserving “nationally rare” or “threatened” habitats and wildlife in inshore waters, as well as in offshore seas around England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation network proposed several MCZ’s including one for Luce Bay. We are hopeful this will be one of the new designations coming in 2015 but we must wait and see. The read our proposal please visit our reading room.

Despite the government claiming they were “doing more than ever” to protect marine habitats, a total of 127 areas have been recommended and the committee report calls on the government to move more quickly and to designate more zones.

Joan Walley, the committees chariwoman said the MCZ’s were vital to protecting our marine environment.

She said the government had been “too slow in creating these zones and it has failed to get coastal communities and fishermen on board”.

“It is now well over four years since the launch of the programme, yet only 27 of the 127 sites recommended by independent project groups have been designated.

For further info please read the full BBC article here.

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