Will my luck change ?

The luck of the Irish ?

Well folks after a horrendous ten days of burst pipes and no heating in my house I finally got things sorted (with the monumental help from Maurice). When Alastair asked me if I wanted to go fishing I jumped at the chance. Time to kick start my winter break. There had been talk of cod being caught off the Antrim coast and we decided to try and hunt them down.

The big question was, would my luck change?

bend itFirst mark was hit about 10 miles out and we fished it hard with only a poor cod (a very poor one at that) to show for our troubles. We tried a few spots closer in around the maidens in all the likely holding areas and not a tap except for an even poorer, poor cod.

My luck still had not changed.

We decided to try and lift some coalies/pollack for bait and a frantic search proceeded. Even this proved difficult. We just about managed to get enough and a decision was made to hit the deep water in a last ditch attempt to salvage something from the day.

We decided to send ‘IT ALL’ down. And when I say all I mean ALL with a typical bait consisting of 1 Coalie, 3 mac fillets, 1 bluey and 2 squid per bait. Things were very quiet and not even the wee scratcher rods got a knock with smaller baits. After about an hour one of the big guns let rip, bloody hell that was like a shark take with that initial run. Skip gave it plenty of time and struck the fish.

Aw sh@t, missed it !! – My luck still had not changed.

tail itIt was getting late and still nothing, until the same big gun let rip again. Skate on, skip got me tooled up with butt pad and harness. For the first 20 minutes it was stale mate and I thought my back was going to implode but after a while I started to make progress on the fish.

restingAfter about 40 minutes I had the fish to the side of the boat, gaff was sunk and into the boat we landed a nice male skate, 151cms wide by 193cms long.

Pics were taken, he was measured and tagged.

eye eye

Skip had forgot the cargo net so we used my flotation jacket to lift him back over the side. He dived off straight away and was out of sight in under a few seconds.

Nice to see him swim off so strongly .

Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaa.

It was time to call it a day.

A very big thank you to Alastair who worked his socks off to make sure the day was a success. First skate of the year to Viper  – that will do for me.

Well after all that, I asked myself, has my luck changed for the better?

I’d say my luck has changed !!


Trev Thompson

Trip details ::

Vessel:  Viper
Crew:  Myself and Alastair
Duration: 8am – 4:30pm
Tide: LW @ 3:30pm
Weather: Not bad, overcast with good visibility and only a slight chop.
Bait: Blueys, Mac, Squid, Coalie, Poor Cod
Rigs: 3 ups, cod feathers, Big ones

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